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It is certainly, ‘one of the tragic ironies of modern life is that so many people feel isolated from each other by the very feelings they have in common’   --Sir Ken Robinson

Wholehearted is a worldwide community intended to bond mothers through sharing stories using images and words. There are no special skills required, other than your ability to find the courage to be honest, heartfelt and authentic about you experiences as a Mother. We hope that through your involvement we can begin to create a sense of belonging for all mothers regardless of personal, cultural and geographical boundaries.

Maybe you have always wanted to share your story, we want to hear it;

Maybe you have suggestions to what you would like to see on Wholehearted, we welcome your suggestions;

Maybe you would like to share your moments as a mother in pictures, use the hashtag: #wholeheartedjournal on Instagram.

Of course, living wholeheartedly isn't confined to just a corner of the internet. When we share our stories, we begin to realize we're not alone. It's a beautiful discovery, isn't it? Whether you stop in once, leave a message of support, or sit down with a cuppa and feel inspired to explore your own heart a little-- we welcome you. Our purpose, which we feel so strongly connected, is to share the importance that a vulnerable, unfiltered kinship has over our lives. We are one, and that is exactly what brings meaning to this space.

You may send your stories, suggestions or general inquiries to:

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  1. Are pictures of/with dads accepted as well?

  2. Absolutely. It can't be 'wholehearted' without including that piece of our heart, right? Dads (and others in our parenting village for that matter) are so important ... we are not for one second pretending to do this all on our own :)

  3. love this whole blog... it´s wonderful! I am a mom of three girls from Caracas, Venezuela. Would love to collaborate in anyway possible.

  4. So glad I found this blog... Love this... From your new follower @TheSentimentalMama xoxo