When I was little I had a dream. I wanted a big family that would sit around a large table and share stories and food. I wanted to stay at home and nurture them all. I found my best friend and then I married him. I made 5 beautiful boys with him. We created a home. In this home there is laughing and there is fighting; there is kissing and there is crying; there is noise and there is silence; There is a heart in this home that is full. I weave my way through our days finding moments of gratefulness. I often find words difficult to express how I feel. The photos I take represent the window to my heart.

Hi, I’m Lou. I like to tell stories with my camera. My home is a cozy cottage in Melbourne where I live with my love and our children. We like to grow vegetables in the garden, sing in the shower and spill crumbs on the floor. I am a dreamer - filled to the brim with plans, ideas and inspiration but find my feet firmly planted on the ground as a mama to three little ones. This season is precious and fleeting and so I choose to document the wonder of the ordinary and the beauty of our adventures… at home and wherever the road takes us.

I'm an anxious daydreamer, a naturalist, and a bit of a tinkerer with a love affair for cameras. I live in a tiny Chicago two-flat with my husband and our two girls. I am passionate about sharing the glories of mother earth with my children, slowing down, giving back, staying grateful. There will never be anything more important than the simple joys of mammahood - the sweet, milky breath of a just-nursed baby or the signature dirty fingernails of my firstborn. Our embraces, tracing hearts with my fingertips softly into their backs. Kisses, tears, and the restless nights. The man I vowed a partner forever and the days we have ahead of us.

My name is Amelia - I am also known as Mum, Darling, Winks and Muesli-Bar. Every person has a story. We are all storytellers. I like to tell stories with photos. I grew up with cameras. My grandparents were photographers, and my parents too. I first understood film speed and aperture when I could barely write my own name. I have carried a love for documentary photography my whole life and now I am making something of it. I capture real life, in all of its beauty and all of it’s flaws. My story is long and like any good story there are many highs and many lows. The highs happen everyday, they form and I find joy their beauty and simplicity. The lows are there too however, unexpectedly losing my mother when I was nineteen would probably be my lowest. This particular low has shaped me. Through the tunnel I have emerged a better daughter, wife, mother and friend. I married a man whom I love with my soul. Keith is my everything. Our journey together has crossed many years and many thousands of kilometers. Our love has created a family and a home. My two treasures - Will and Olivia are two of the sweetest and craziest coconuts you could meet. Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. From my twenty seven years on this earth I can honestly and wholeheartedly say... embrace the abnormalities and love them for their inconvenience.

In the centre of my home is an old timber table ingrained with pen imprints and teapot scolds. It holds crumbs and crayons and books. It’s where I gather with my partner and our two children to eat, draw, talk and read. From this table I write stories of our days; a celebration of all that is simple and good. I’m a writer, photographer and yoga teacher. I thread words together and illustrate with photos.

I am 27 years old. I am stubborn, loyal, laid-back and clumsy. When I laugh really hard I am known to snort. I love the smell of summer rain and I can reverse park a boat and trailer (a momentous day for me!). I am the eldest of three girls and I am hopeless at committing to growing my hair out. I live on the South Coast of New South Wales with my three beloved; Ian, Gracie and Tom (they are amazing, treat me with love, kindness and respect, wrestles and endless kisses!) Here we live a humble life near the ocean, in our little grey house halfway up the hill. It is were we laugh, dance, ponder and converse, find adventure and new curiosities together. It is where my camera became part of my kitchen benchtop; my accomplice in life. When I was asked to be part of Wholehearted, I felt a deep honor to be able to contribute to a community where others could find a sense of normality in the craziness of parenthood. Challenges I face as a mum include working full-time shift work as a registered nurse, studying, renovating our home and shared custody of my children. Documenting my everyday is therapeutic for me. The whirlwind of childhood is fleeting, I want to be able to look back and remember when it’s back to front and upside down… and when it’s beautiful and humbling.

I'm a freelance stylist and photographer living in North Queensland, Australia, with my husband and two little girls. I strive to capture and share candid, everyday moments from a creative's perspective; evocative and poignant visuals that tell my story of transition into motherhood - what it's like to be a creative, a wife and the mother of two young children.

In my nest it is a cosy, soul warming hive of love and creativity. I am incredibly grateful that I share my nest with my husband/best friend who made me a Mama. A Mama of three adoring children who have taught me the beauty of beginnings in my motherhood journey navigating our way through the unknown and unconditional love.


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