September 29, 2014

week 31

Mornings at home. I've been realizing lately how much of a blessing it is to have most days spent right here, with my girls. I've been able to be there for every minute, every milestone (and every tantrum and spilt glass of milk). Don't get me wrong, some days I feel like running back to my 9-to-5 job, but then moments like this happen; watching the two of them dance and jump and sing in their ridiculous princess nighties and all is well in my heart.
Young friendship x

September 22, 2014

week 30

My constant companion.
He loves to dress himself. The boxer shorts Parker is wearing hold many memories. All of our babes have worn them.
A necklace made of wooden toy cars.

September 15, 2014

week twenty-nine

And just like that, she completes her very first trip around the Sun.
Kisses for Evie as cousins meet for the first time.
Makeshift baby-wearing.
We made these beings. Utterly in love x

September 09, 2014

week twenty-eight: and an update

The four of us (and a cheeky little boy, too!) 

As the days have ebbed and flowed, so to has the Wholehearted space. We have been wowed by your brave and thoughtful writing submissions and floored by the 12,000+ images tagged on Instagram. We have been filled to the brim in gratitude for the women that have opened their hearts through interviews, dedicating and sharing their time and stories with us. This once tiny passion project has expanded into a blossoming community of lovers and dreamers, realists and advocates. It's inspired others from around the world to start their own communities sharing more honestly, more wholeheartedly. We've leaned on each other for advice and we've chimed in with agreement, nodding along at our own desks, coffee in hand. Our humble home on the web has grown immensely, and it wouldn't have even been remotely possible without the love and support from all of you. The readers, the parents, the mothers just like us. Our sisterhood.

We are learning, together.

We are honest.

We are (im)perfectly perfect.

You may have noticed some changes over the last few weeks as we've pared down to simple, weekly photo entries and a loss in contributing authors. We wanted to take a moment to thank the original group of women that helped kick-off the vision of Wholehearted with tremendous vigor, and those that have moved on to new chapters their lives had called upon them:

Jodi, Amelia, and Ali... thank you x

. . . . .

We are treading forward with a renewed spirit, and ever-growing inspiration: a brand new site to call home, a call for additional contributing photographers and authors, the return of the beloved heart-to-heart interviews and Instagram features, as well as some exciting new content we're still dreaming up. 

Wholehearted has always been more than just a blog, it's been about the incredible community, the collective undertaking of sharing stories and giving advice. Wading through the mud of mommy-blogs can often feel overwhelming: buy, buy, buy! or... pin this perfect home! wear these perfect clothes! raise your child this way! feed your child this way! 

Our goal is not to re-invent the wheel that is motherhood, nor define it. We'll never sell you on a product, nor claim to know all that there is to know about parenting. Because guess what - we don't know!

None of us do.

We appreciate and are so incredibly grateful for your patience as things shift and change and get migrated to our new site. In the meantime, if you feel called to help write, administrate, or photograph for the upcoming re-launch of our site - please, send us an email to with "Contributor Search" as the subject. Tell us a bit about yourself. We're listening.

We are so happy to keep your company here.

Thank you endlessly!

Love always,
The Wholehearted Team
(Tam, Kate, Belinda, and Claire) xx

September 01, 2014

week twenty-seven

There's so much I miss about city living... but scenes like this make me so grateful that my children are growing up in a place where space, fresh air and warm sunny days are abundant.
Spending scared time with my gorgeous friend cleansing our home, exchanging stories and relishing in each others company.
Fleeting summer evening walks... soon the days will become shorter, the breeze will turn cool and the colors of the setting sun will melt their way onto the falling leaves.