August 04, 2014

week twenty-three

Wholehearted message on a plate.
"Skinnie-Minnie." "Chicken-Legs." "Oh, she's so tiny!" - just a few of the comments I've gotten over the course of fifteen beautiful months with my daughter. My firstborn was a HAM and as chunky as can be, so it only goes to show how each child can be completely different. The offhanded remarks used to bother me, as if they were somehow directed at my breastfeeding or parenting choices. I've since outgrown that, because honestly... how can you not love that long and lean deliciousness! I love each of my children for all of the ways they're alike, but more for all of the beautiful qualities that make them unique.
Very special first-time snuggles with Zia.
Love, Beauty, Friendship, Grace, Nourishment and Contemplation.  Gratitude. x


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