July 14, 2014

week twenty

Caught red-handed stealing her sister's yogurt raisins (and looking rather cute about it!) They will forever be taking things from each other; clothes, shoes, boys... the teenage years are going to be an experience!
This is true friendship: someone who drives a five hour round trip for an afternoon play date, so Sunny (who's been unwell) and her bestie can hang out. The joy of being together really was the best kind of medicine.
Hello yoga. It can feel so familiar, yet I can feel exposed and vulnerable at the same time. 

'Each woman must develop her own organic relationship with herself to weave together the threads of her body soul and mind.’ - Sara Avant Stover
There is a spirit amongst women, amongst mothers… a magical thread - like a secret where no words were ever spoken; to deny its existence is to deny a part of yourself… and to embrace this truth is to surrender to a beautiful relationship that exists within yourself.

Belinda and I met physically of the first time this past weekend… drawn together initially by each others view of our family; our world and our life through our imagery many years ago… our connection made stronger as we shared our stories; our joys and our vulnerabilities though private conversation - heart to heart.

I am filled with gratitude. x

(Image credit: Belinda)


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