June 16, 2014

week sixteen

His lashes and freckles make me weak at the knees.
I was having one of "those" days… Lou's words: "I know what those days are like! If you change your mind and need to get out of your head for a bit I can come down the road (your road!) for a coffee:)" Those words "get out of your head"… yes! that is exactly what I needed!!!… and so we met, and I spent time with Lou and her little people… a gentle nudge from an understanding friend and my day was elevated to one of "those really good days" Thank you Lou. x
Cousins + cake = three year old heaven
Alba swinging with her Grandpa, my father. Watching how goofy he is with my daughters reminds me of how magical and fun-filled my own childhood was. I'm so grateful for his love.
Honestly? I don't think he liked his birthday cake that much. For the kid that has probably sampled way too many refined sugar cupcakes (courtesy of two generous sisters) my "low sugar" Chocolate Zucchini cake just didn't quite cut it! He did, however, have the happiest of birthdays.


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