June 08, 2014

week fifteen

Momento's of his morning so far. *sigh* The constant cleaning and tidying can become tiresome, however, I have, over time practised gratefulness for the opportunity to tidy after him - after all of them! Maybe that sounds crazy!!; but the alternative is devastating... to think of days without them all! My mantra has become: "I embrace the footprints that are left behind daily that represent a life explored."
Never underestimate the joy that a simple garden hose can bring.
Sometimes we just have to get out of the house, even if its raining. We walked into the bush and found many a beautiful treasure...
The touch of an Uncle, the tenderness of his voice, the wonder and mystery of where the both may go.
We picked flowers for a baby girl who didn't make it to this world. We lit a candle for her parents who are experiencing the deepest grief. And we remember all the mothers who have lost.


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