May 28, 2014

#wholeheartedjournal collective: 13

As I reflect on my choices this week, I find how pulled I am to the seemingly gone-in-a-flash, every day moments: tiny toes that push to peek over the edge of the crib, the gentle animals we share our earth with, simple pieces of cardboard that become more loved than plastic toys, the embrace of family, and the fleeting beauty of pregnancy and birth. My hope is that by continuing to document our here and now, we will remember the sheer abundance of what we truly have - it sure is a lot, isn't it? Thank you again for sharing your moments, your abundance. May your week be filled to the brim in goodness. -- Kate

All images are user submitted using the #wholeheartedjournal tag on Instagram.
Just rescued this baby bunny from our carnivorous kitty. David's first real animal rescue and he's on cloud nine
She can't wait for him to wake up each day
I am so proud of her everyday
Because every ballerina needs a fort built of toilet paper rolls
Today, Odin decided it was time to find himself a roommate and move into his own place. At first I was quite sad, but after about a hundred through the window kisses, I feel a bit better. They grow up so fast!
Such a lovely day with my babes! You three are all that I need
Today has become a special day to put in my calendar! Riccardo said Mama loud & clear, my heart is filled with joy & bursting with happiness
This is a birds eye view of a typical prenatal appointment within our care. We are woman centered, family friendly, with a healthy dose of love and magic. In this scene we are checking babies position and waters...The senior midwife watches while the junior apprentice learns through experience. Off in the upper left hand corner, you see my son restfully sleeping, thanks to #sakurabloomsleepydust. I am hovering above enjoying the view!


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