May 05, 2014

week ten

There is an 88 year age gap between these two. Bunga is the only grandma Olivia has. We call her Bunga because I could not pronounce Grandma when I was a child and the name stuck. I took this photo last year. It was the day before Bunga's brother's funeral. Here they were talking about the olden days. Bunga is the centre of our universe and we are grateful for her every single day.
On the last day of our holiday we picked the last of the season's berries.
Demonstrating to a furry on-looker that practice does make perfect...
They play in the back yard 'till the sun goes down and the mozzies come out... then it's shoulder rides upstairs for dinner.
Sofia is entrusted to many jobs around the house: fetching the wipes, helping to put away groceries, or in this case, feeding Alba breakfast. While she may only be two, she is the best big sister.
I'd call this "wrapped around her little finger".


  1. Adore ladies! Kate, you took the words right out of my mouth... my three year old Lola loves to help with who she calls 'her baby Maeve'. With feeding becoming her latest triumph, she is proud as punch! More mess, more laughter, happy times all around xx