May 19, 2014

week twelve

This week, you'll notice someone new joining us on our weekly collective - many of you may recognize this kind soul and possibly even have remembered her from her recent Heart to Heart interview. Please join us in warmly welcoming Belinda Kypriotis to the Wholehearted contributor team. We couldn't have asked for a more passionate, beautiful mother to continue to share her story with everyone here. As we said after we all found out ourselves, she was, quite simply, the missing piece to our hearts. How lucky are we? Please take a minute to read her heartfelt biography which has now been added to our contributor page. Thank you all for supporting the lovely women that make the Wholehearted Journal possible. 
This is what happens when mama has to say no.
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -- Thomas A. Edison
She asked her Dad if they could go and visit Granddad Tim. They picked a handful of natives from the garden and left them at his resting place. Sad and happy all at once.
This week marks one year of being in this house. It wasn't just the calendar, but the big tree in our yard that reminded me. One year ago, as the leaves were similarly golden and nearly all gone, a much smaller girl climbed its branches. One year ago I hovered beneath her as she clumsily clung to the branches, now I stand back and watch as she confidently scrambles higher and higher. One year, it flies.
Our veggie patch has evolved into the 'truck-yard'.. one way of getting the soil turned I guess!
Relishing in the simple joys: "sopita" dribbling out of the sides of little mouths.
She looooooooooooves pink. Me? Not so much.


  1. Belinda is gorgeous, what a perfect addition. xx