May 16, 2014

a journal entry: theresa shields

A few months back we shared our first journal entry at Wholehearted. Since that day we have been both humbled and inspired by the heartfelt stories sent in to us; never prompted, always incredibly grounding. Like tiny pieces of invisible thread, our experiences as mothers bind us together. Making us stronger. Weaving new insight into our ever evolving interpretation of motherhood. This honest snippet of life from Theresa Shields has us nodding our heads in understanding - how many of you have 'been there' before with your children? (We know we have!)
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Blog: This Little Life
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I think I'm becoming that mother. 

I'm becoming that mother that apologizes to people wherever I go.

We just came back from seeing our second group of friends of the day. And before I could get out of the car, all I could think of was, "I must've apologized like, at least 10 times today."

"Sorry, he's so grumpy.. He's a bit tired."

"Sorry he kind of smacked your kid, he's not so good around other children.. He loves adults though!"

"Sorry he's crying again."

"Sorry he is being so disruptive, throwing his lunch everywhere instead of eating it."

"Sorry we have to stop, I think I have to breastfeed him."

"Sorry, he's going through a phase."

Sorry, sorry, sorry. 

But he's also gotten really good at being in the car, you know? He calls me "Mama" when he wakes up each morning. He claps. He sleeps in so I manage either a sleep in as well or a breakfast by myself. He's starting to go to bed earlier now too. 

I'll be the first to admit that Mason is at a stage where everything is just a bit too hard. But guess what... 

He's having a tough time. 

He can't really tell me what's upsetting me. He only knows how to cry. So he cries. And whinges. A lot. I can barely get through cooking dinner without him attempting to koala bear himself on either of my legs. But I try to remember he is not trying to upset me. 

So he wants me. Like, all the time. Is it really that bad? He loves me. I'm so lucky! 

So yes. If you go past a lady at the shops apologizing about her cranky baby, shoot a big smile for me. 

P.S. Anyone has a kid who's just as difficult as mine? Do you find yourself constantly apologizing too?

Do you want to hang out?

Image Credits:
photo one, Claire Garland  |   photo two,  Louise Buma  |  remaining, Theresa Shields


  1. Yes, yes and yes I'd love to! This is gorgeous Theresa, we all know just what that's like..I'm also very familiar with the carrying a kicking screaming child out of a cafe or shopping centre with 'tut-tut' looks from older women whose children never behaved like it. When someone shoots you an understanding smile or says something kind so you know you're not the only one, it makes the world of difference doesn't it. Beautiful! x

  2. Oh man! I totally get this! I had the apologising thing big time with my first bub. He never seemed to behave the way I though he "should"!!! And my darling third bub is going through the exact same sick, sad, teething, needing cling on koala stage! My goodness, it's full on! This time around I don't apologise though. I'm not sure why. It hadn't even occurred to me until I read this. Maybe I've learnt that it all passes quickly and they never behave how they "should" so apologising doesn't help me or bub or the people around us. I would LOVE to hang out with you and our cling on mamas bubs. One day, I hope it happens. Hugs to you beautiful, beautiful mama. You're doing an amazing job.xoxo

  3. Yes, same age, same cranky, so much easier to be at home, and YES I do want to hang out xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Omg!!! This is what I needed today. Zoe is almost 6 month (insert tears and disbelief) a preemie, who fights sleep. Who does not sleep through the night. Who would like to nurse all day long. Who sometimes sleeps in our bed because well I am tired and would like to sleep. I apologize all day long. And this is a reminder that I need to just enjoy her. It goes by too quickly for me not too. Thank you for sharing the truth because motherhood is incredible but it's friggen hard!!! Let's hang out. :)

  5. Theresa is beautiful! I love this! x