April 30, 2014

#wholeheartedjournal collective | 09

In Amelia's own words - who curated this lovely selection for us this week - this has been, "quite possibly the hardest thing I've done!!" There is the most amazing collection of photos that have grown over the past months and we encourage you to take a scroll the next time you're browsing Instagram. It's truly amazing! This week is filled with a colorful contrast of adventurous and quiet moments - the perfect mix.

All images were user-submitted via the #wholeheartedjournal tag on Instagram.
Drive in night fun!   @leahkua
Shopping cart shenanigans.  @gizandchip
The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure.  @homeinthehive
Standing outside rocking him into calm, poor poorly Ned.  @dollyandfife
Another from Easter weekend with grandma & grandpa - so fun to see my parents light up when Alder is around... love overflows.  @pitterpatterclunk
She is joy & wonder & curiosity distilled.  @me_and_orla
Breakfast blueberry danishes for everyone... unless Olive gets to them first!  @thelittleredbutton
Cranky pants is running the show today and only wants to sleep in the middle of the king.  @mmaanda


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