April 23, 2014

#wholehearted collective | 08

We loved your captions so much last week that we decided it's something we should do from now on! These intimate and colorful selections were curated by Tamara - it's a beautiful week of cuddles, quiet conversation, sink baths, and Easter traditions. Hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with the ones they love most.

All images are user submitted via the #wholeheartedjournal hashtag on Instagram.
"A serious conversation about pokemon happened right here" (@twintagekaren)
"Family Traditions" (@mamafence)
"conked". (@deshaigh)
"coloring eggs"(@petiamphotos)
"Midwife in Training. She melted me today." (@anappetiteforcolor)
"First picnic" (@circleofpines)
"It's been a while since they've bathed in the sink" (@kelceyandrus)


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