March 05, 2014

#wholeheartedjournal collective | 01

Introducing the Wholehearted Journal Collective - a weekly selection of user-submitted images.
all images were posted via the #wholheartedjournal hashtag on Instagram
Image by @cohek
Image by @amamacollective
Image by @jesseandjesi
Image by @lifeoftoi
Image by @ivylovesjack
Image by @ivylovesjack
Image by @mommymakesphotos
Image by @thirteenredshoesblog


  1. Gorgeous images. Always love seeing new ways to shoot kiddos through other people's eyes. Always makes me wanna up my game and have no camera on hand more to snap those little moments that once captured turn into life-long lasting memories. I have a feeling in going to really enjoy this project x

  2. Adding this to my daily blog "reads." These images speak a thousand words----thank you!

  3. Thank you for enjoying our image! <3 Feel so privileged to be included with such other beautiful photographs.